GB Avocats Areas of Expertise

Corporate Law

Setting up of Companies and legal follow-up

Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions

Partner relations, Company governance

Intellectual property

Corporate liquidations

Tax Law

Tax and asset structuring

National and international aspects

Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions

Taxation of executives and managers


Legal advice on securitisation structuring

Set up of securitisation vehicles and any sub funds thereof

Drafting of transactional documentation in relation to securitisation transactions

Drafting of documentation relating to the issue and subscription of debt securities (prospectus and private placement memorandum of bonds, CBs, participating bonds, subscription contracts, etc.

Coordination and procedure for the listing of debt instruments on the capital markets

Coordination with the various parties involved in securitisation transactions (banks and paying agents, fiduciaries, auditors, etc.)

Financial Services

Legal advice and regulatory alignment for companies providing financial services in Luxembourg (PSF, GFIA and management companies)

Assistance and legal advice including the drafting of approval files in order to obtain the various approvals required by Luxembourg legislation (LSF 1993, GFIA 2013 Law, UCITS 2010 Law)

Representation and coordination with the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) in relation to the regulated activities of PSF, GFIA and management companies

Drafting of the various contracts relating to the services provided by the PFS, GFIA and management companies

Alternative Funds

Legal advice on the structuring and distribution of alternative investment funds

Establishment of alternative investment funds and other similar vehicles (SIF, RAIF, SICAR, SCS & SCSp)

Drafting of documentation relating to alternative investment funds (articles of association and management regulations, prospectuses and issue documents, various contracts, etc.)

Obtaining the necessary approvals from the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF)

Representation of the founding shareholder when setting up an alternative investment fund before a notary

Coordination with the various stakeholders such as the GFIA, custodian banks, central administrators….

Legal advice and drafting of various documents related to the lifecycle of alternative investment funds (opening/closing of sub-funds, regulatory alignment of the articles of association and issue documentation for alternative investment funds, drafting of minutes and other minutes in relation to the decisions of the bodies…)

Capital Markets

Legal advice on the admission of debt securities to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and in particular to the Euro MTF market (ROI Luxembourg Stock Exchange, transparency obligations and prevention of market abuse)

Drafting of legal documentation in relation to the offer, subscription and admission of debt securities to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Legal assistance for the subscription and issuance of debt securities until the admission of the debt securities to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Coordination with the various parties involved in the listing of debt securities on the stock exchange, including the arranger, the bank and the paying agent, the common depositary….

Legal assistance and support to the issuer in monitoring legal/regulatory obligations during the issuance of debt securities